Sunday, January 29, 2006

Look Out People!

He has a car!!! Yep! J1 got his car yesterday. He has washed it, detailed it etc... he loves it :) He even got to ride in it to the dance he went to last night, and when I picked him up at 11 he drove it home... sunroof up, and Fireman blasting out of the CD player :)
Here he is with it right after we got home with it... yes he even drove it home after buying it.

As I am typing this he is outside listening to music in it! In 3 weeks (Feb 18th) he will turn 16 and will be able to get his regular drivers license... I think the reality of him growing up will set in once that happens.


shannon said...

Nice! (except he might have to cut his bangs now so he can see the road LOL) I bet he's really excited!

peter parker said...

LOL someone else mentioned that also :) I would be more than happy to have him cut that mop!!

Jen said...

You tell him that he can't go get his license until he CUTS THAT HAIR!!!!!!!! He's gonna be a danger while driving if he doesn't! ha ha ha

Cool though. Nice wheels J1!