Saturday, January 28, 2006


yes.. I am tired... I am tired, depressed and emotionally worn out!
I am tired of people reading this and contacting others in regards to what I say rather than contacting me directly.
I am tired of people being mad at me, telling me they were mad at me, and then not telling me what made them mad.
I am tired of people assuming it is ok to make me feel bad and then then acting as though nothing happened.
I am tired of family assuming that because they are family I should like them or accept everything they say or do.
I am tired of people thinking that it is ok to say whatever they want to me with no regards to how I will feel after I read or hear what they say.
Simply I am just TIRED!
Life is too short to be so complicated! I will no longer subject myself to people who do not make me feel happy, nor will I force myself upon people who are not happy with what I say, do not say, do or do not do.....
So if you are reading this it is of your own free will... I make no promises of clarity of content, nor do I guarantee that others you may contact about the content of this blog will even remotley understand what it is you are talking about or referring to....
If you do not like what I say then do not read my blog.
My life consists of those members in my household... like this smiley little guy.. being held in the arms of his daddy... can there be no greater bliss???

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