Friday, February 03, 2006

Beautiful Day!

so I am doing South Beach... the diet thing... I have already lost 6lbs before starting South Beach... my official start date is TODAY! I have been reading the South Beach diet book ( a little here and there as I find time) and I printed off the list of foods to enjoy and foods to avoid in the first 2 weeks ( Phase one) and headed of to the grocery store in J1's car with him driving and J2 in the back seat... this was last night.
So I officially started the South Beach diet today... it really looks easy to do... and so many people are doing it and having continued success! I personally know one person who did South Beach over a year ago and lost 30lbs and isn't even following the diet anymore... and she looks great! and has maintained the weight loss AND even looks fabulous for being 30 weeks pregnant ta boot!
So watch out people! I am going to do this! I am going to look and feel great! And I am not going to feel starved or deprived while doing it! I am going to take a before picture and of course will take an after picture as well. Phase 1 is the strictest but still really easy and only lasts 2 weeks! Then I will be on to phase 2...

J4 & J5 have appointments for a birth to 5 screening in March... J4 is old enough to attend preschool this fall... my how time flies! I think we are going to do some cleaning around the house today and then after J3 comes home for lunch and heads back to school we will head to the park and let the 2 little ones play... and I can take pictures :)

J1 turned in 2 job applications last night... one for the grocery store and one for McDonald's.. crossing fingers that one of them call him. I will be giving him a haircut tonight!


shannon said...

good luck with the diet!

Jen said...

Oh Alison! I hope you do good with your diet. I started one this last week too.


peter parker said...

Thanks... not sure if it is the diet or the weather but I have been SO tired! Took a long nap yesterday and today!
Jen, what diet are you doing? a certain one or just your own... You still going to Curves?