Wednesday, February 01, 2006

This is bad....

so today while doing papers J2 came back from a house she delivered to and said "That house smells like old people" so I asked her how is it that old people smell "old"? she thought about it as she ran to another house with a paper and when she came back she very seriously commented "I think old people are like food about to expire"
Sorry it just cracked me up when she said it... and it made an odd sort of way... but funny to think of old people being like food.... so THAT is where the old smell comes from! Who'd a thunk it!

Oh and out of J4's mouth a few days ago... "Mommy, I am little and you are bigger... and we are friends!" And when J5 dumped cereal all over the floor and I gave him a look and asked "Did you do that!!" J4 jumped right in and said "he didn't mean it Mommy, he didn't mean to do it" So cute to see him defending his baby brother... and of course J5 just stood there grinning away so thrilled with what he accomplished... I have to admit it was cute :)

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