Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sick little man

The baby is sick :( real sick... he has been running a fever for a few days now, cries most of the night, has a cough and a runny nose.. just wants to lay on me and sleep. Occasionally he will get up and walk around a bit but not for long. He has started with these little red spots also... on his face, neck, stomach, back, arms... my mom called this morning to check on the boys ( J4 is sick also but with something else.. he is croupy) and I was describing J5's spots and she got worried it was German Measles... don't they get immunized for that? I just spent 15 minutes in a nice hot steamy bathroom with the little ones.. didn't seem to do much but I have heard it is good to do anyways... so I did... cant hurt right? I just want him better.. and I want him to sleep better... I am running on not much sleep right now... 2 nights of him crying didn't really give me an option of sleeping... I am not complaining... really! I would do it for 5 more nights if I had to! I just wish I could help him more! I know me holding him and rocking him helps him feel better... I just wish I could do more.
J4 sounds horrible but is acting himself... bouncing on everything... playing, being ornery... even he has been showing a lot of concern for J5... rubbing his head, bringing him chocolate, trying to make him laugh...maybe tomorrow he will feel more like laughing... and eating... right now he doesn't want food... not even his Hershey kisses! He just holds them in his hand till they melt and turn into liquid....

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