Saturday, February 18, 2006

Valentines Dance

J2 went to the schools Valentines dance last night with her boyfriend. His mom drove him to pick her up... at least she had a camera in hand also so I wasn't the only goofball snapping pictures of the kids. Only thing is J2 kept looking at me for pictures and he kept looking at his mom for pictures LOL.
He brought her another wrist corsage... so sweet! He is such a nice kid! This is a picture I took right before they left... Funny thing... his mom kept telling him to put his arm around her... he kept saying NO! so she asked J2 if it was OK if he put his arm around her and she said yes... he still refused.. she even told him they were going to be late for the dance because she was not taking them until he put his arm around her for the picture... he still refused... so I had to step in... it went like this..
Me: Put your arm around him
J2: No
Me: put your arm around him
J2: No
Me: OK I can be pretty embarrassing... 10, 9, 8... 5
J2: (arm flies around boyfriend)
Me: (laughing) SNAP!

Then the mom... put your arm around her waist.... which he did....

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