Thursday, April 27, 2006

What we don't kill each other over

makes us stronger right?!?!?!?!

Nick is replacing the kitchen window today. A kitchen window that was measured incorrectly 2 times.

But hey who am I to say anything I am just a female right? No one listens to me!

Anyways this kitchen window that has 2 windows in it is just as I suspected... ONE big open window frame because some cheap ass decided to save money by putting in 2 piece of crap windows!

SO that means Nick has to frame this window in to fit the 2 windows (26 wide by 56 tall) into the 60 wide by 59 tall area.

SO he decides he is a Pro and can do a 2 man job all by himself and never comes to ask me for help when he goes to put the windows in...

SO now one of the windows is in wrong, it is not fitting all the way into the house

SO now he is trying to cut the drywall to remove the inner slats that are keeping that side of the window from going in all the way, rather than REMOVING the window and doing it correctly.

Maybe he cant safely remove the screwed up window job without messing up the window? I don't know! But why the hell did he not notice the window was not butted up all the way to the house WHEN HE WAS NAILING IT IN!!! ARGGGGGGGGGG

Can you tell I am a little ticked off and stressed?

Pray we don't kill each other today!

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