Friday, April 28, 2006

Reality Check

We went to pick up our title closing payment to bring to the title company today. We also submitted our receipts for the $6,313 we have already spent on the house. They typed up the check for us and we headed home to deposit into the bank. We get to the bank and I decided to go inside rather than go to the drive-up... not sure why, but something just told me to. I go inside and I am stopped by one person and sent over to a desk. At the desk I was told Susan (the lady from the office where we got the check) was frantically looking for me. The lady at the desk called Susan so she could speak to me. What I was told by Susan really SUCKED! They released the check in error.... I was to return it or rip it up and mail it back! They will not release the funds to us until after the house has been cleared of lead. Now where the sucky part kicks in, is the part where we went and bought materials out of our pocket thinking we would be getting that money today. So now not only are we checkless but we are out that money until we get the house cleared.
And on top of the suckiness is the fact that we had the money for new tires, and the tires cost more than what we had for tires, but we went ahead and got the tires since we had the check to make up the difference...then we saw Nicks check was short due to his time off last week to get work done on the house so guess where the new tires are? On their way back to the store! Nick is taking them back as I type this. Life can really suck sometimes!

We are 2 porches, carpet and some paint away from getting the money released.

OH but get this! We still are required to start making payments on the loan beginning in May.... on money we do not even officially have yet!

Anyone have another cup of suckiness for us? I don't think we have quite enough yet!

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