Thursday, May 04, 2006

On a lighter note!

The good news... have to follow up with good news after such a blah previous post!

We got our vacuum cleaner that my parents ordered. The Dyson DC14 Complete
  • Dyson at Sears

  • Awesome vacuum! It will hurt to pay back all that money though LOL hopefully they can wait until tax time because we surely don't have the money to pay that now!!

    Also the carpet guy will be here Saturday at about 1:00 to take all the measurements to get us an actual estimate on how much it is going to cost us to have the carpeting installed.

    We bought all the supplies to replace both porches yesterday. Nicks dad will be here Saturday to help with replacing the front porch and I think he is going to look at J1's car ( yes it is still broken) and I think him and Nick plan on changing out the remaining window and door. His plans were to stay 2 days... they might need 2 days to get all that accomplished! I don't know what we would do without his help! There is no way Nick and I could do all that work ourselves.. we just don't even come close to having the knowledge his father does! Oh I think they are going to replace the back porch columns this weekend also.. not sure when the back porch will be replaced... maybe that is something Nick can work on on his day's off... we will have all the supplies here Friday night. Nick is going to pick them up from Lowe's on his way home that night.

    So remaining work to be done on house
    replace front porch floor, rails and stairs
    replace back porch floor, columns, stairs, build addition stairs, install rails
    replace basement stairs window
    replace basement door
    prime and paint entire house
    have carpet installed

    I think that is about it!

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