Friday, May 05, 2006

Where's my hole?

I want to climb into it today... J4 is being a pill... very whiny... cable company called today (they have our internet, cable TV, and phone service) wanting money we don't have so it is a matter of time before we lose all communication to people.
Did I mention J4 is whiny??? OMG I want him to take a nap and just be quiet! No joke! There is only so much whining I can take from a 3 year old in one day and he has exceeded that limit. It doesn't help that today the kids got out of school at noon. His whole routine has been messed up, he is constantly whining and crying after J2 who I am sure has reached her limit with him....
I know all this wouldn't bother me as much if I wasn't under so much stress AND having PMS... look out world Miss Bitch is in the house!! Most cower with fear this time of the month around me... and if they don't they are plain crazy! This is my Jekyll and Hyde time.... I hate it!
So as you can tell I am not handling things well at the moment. I used to take medication for PMDD which I suffer from pretty badly... but after having J5 and nursing him I didn't have any problems... heck I didn't even have to worry about "that time of the month" until right after he turned 1 year old! Last month I did just fine... didn't have PMS... this month WAMMO I think I have the last 18 months worth of PMS rolled into one!
So if someone could just find me my hole to climb into I would much appreciate it... and make sure the location isn't known by any bill collectors or whiny kids!

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