Friday, May 05, 2006

Smell that?

I have for the first time ever a made from scratch pot of baked beans going! It is going to cook in the crock pot over night! I sure hope they come out as good as they smell! I have only ever cooked baked beans from the can before which only consisted of using a can opener to open the can and a pot to warm them up in! If they turn out good I will post the recipe on here :)

I am also going to look into making Potato Salad... I have never attempted that before, just bought it from the store... I will be looking up recipes here in a bit.

I have some sauerkraut (YUM) all ready for tomorrow as well as some smoked sausages for the grill... got to try and keep the men fed this weekend! I am also going to make either cornmeal muffins or biscuits from scratch... maybe both :)

J4 finally took a much needed nap. J1 watched J5 while I took J2 to deliver papers and then again while I ran to the grocery store... get this... are you ready??? BY MYSELF!!! That NEVER happens!

Off to look for potato salad recipes... if you have any good ones drop me an email!


Terry said...

Where's the party? IM there, I can smell all that cooking!. Make sure you get a stool and sit ice, ice, ice. Wish I could be there to help you out!. Well, let the men do the work!.

Terry Moore

shannon said...

You know, I think a friend posted a potato salad recipe on the food blog a few weeks ago. You might try that one.
I always just boil the potatoes and some eggs, cool and cut them up, add sweet pickles and onions and add mayo.