Monday, June 19, 2006

And what I didn't say

in regards to the hair cut in my post last night...

I think people should keep their opinions to themselves when it comes to children.. or at least have those opinions out of the child's earshot.

J4 liked his hair, and I think part of that had to do with his Grandpa R... who basically is the only grandparent he ever gets to see, and bond with, and spend time with.

This is Grandpa R

J4 thinks the world of him and talks about him all the time, he wants to know when he is coming to visit again, when he can go visit him and ride his horse, etc, etc

So when he decided to get his hair cut ( I believe out of pressure from others) he was fine with it, I made sure that is what he wanted before I started... When I got to the very end he turned and caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and immediately started crying. He said he wanted his Spiderman hat (to cover his head) and the tears kept flowing... J2 went running to find the hat he wanted... she had no luck, he still was requesting the hat so then Nick went to find it... finally the Spiderman hat was found. Then I went and made sure everyone in the house knew not to say ANYTHING about his hair when they saw him (J3 had already walked in and said he looked weird Grrrr). He seemed to adjust pretty well that night to his new hair.

Then yesterday (Sunday) we had to run to the grocery store and pick a few things up... J4 put on his hooded vest, zipped it up and put the hood n... he kept his head covered with the hood the entire time.

Is this how a 3 year old should be?? So concerned about how he looks?? Shouldn't he be playing with his toys and running around not even caring if his hair is pink and purple?

I hope his hair grows quickly... and I pity the person who opens their mouth again about my child's hair... I don't care if it is down to his feet!! They did not have to see the tears, they did not have to hear him cry, they don't have that memory burned into their mind replaying over and over again. So it may seem trivial to some, but when you are a mom even little things can break your heart when you see your child's heart broken... it could be as simple as a pet earthworm getting smooshed outside (yes this happened last week) the point is my child was hurt emotionally, and if I can ever prevent that from happening I will do my damnedest to do what I can to try and protect them... life already comes with enough heartbreak... and 3 is too young to have to start experiencing it.

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Terry said...

spoken like a true Mom! it isn't easy to be a mom at times,but it seem's like when we see thier heart broken it tears us apart. He does look handsome.

Terry Moore