Sunday, June 18, 2006

He's a Goofy Goober

OK so J4, who does not like having his hair cut... went from this

to this this weekend... Quite a shocker Huh!?!?!


Amber said...

WOW! He looks like a different kid. Stull cute as ever though. :)

peter parker said...

yes TOTALLY different... it was sad though... he said he wanted it all cut, so I got the clippers out and started shaving... when I got to the very end and was almost done he turned and caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and started crying... then said he wanted his spiderman hat... broke my heart! yesterday to the grocery store he wore a hooded vest and never took the hood off.
He seems fine around home but when we go out he wants a hat on.. strange how they can be so vain at even a young age LOL

Terry said...

He looks handsome! I think it looks good, but he sure does look different from the first picture. I love the one with him smiling.