Friday, June 30, 2006

Job Application Update

OK so I talked to the owner about my application that I turned in... I told him I turned in my application yesterday and that after thinking about it I don't think I filled out one part of it and felt really bad for turning in an incomplete application. He asked if it was the little questionnaire section and I said yes and he said Oh, don't worry about that, we don't have you fill that out anyways, we think that part is stupid.
He said he didn't have the app there, that Denise had all the apps, but that he was guessing I would get a call in a day or two to come in and talk with Denise about the job.
He also thanked me for checking back on it :)

So I am not out of the running... but now I will worry because I know there are other applicants LOL


Terry said...

Glad to hear! you should check back with her. Let her know how much you want the job.

keep us posted
Good Luck

Cheryl said...

Hey, there may be other applicants, but they specifically asked you about it, right?