Friday, June 30, 2006

How Bizarre, How Bizarre

OK so I was here on the computer, skimming through posts on a diaper group I am on... looking for moms in need because it has been a while since I have done any good deeds, and I really like helping other mamas out when I can... we have all been in a spot in need, and we have all received help that was very welcomed, appreciated, and very heartwarming... so anyways while I am looking for a mam to help I hear the kids yell that their dad is hear... in the driveway... so J2 runs downstairs to the kitchen door and then comes up a few minutes later. I was in the bathroom by then changing J5's diaper ( why does corn come out whole????) and she is giggling and has a look of surprise on her face and she hands me a check for $200 for ME because as he says "you kids are here a lot more than you are with me so this is for your mom to help out" OMG well you go that right! He sees them 6 days out of the month!!! He has never done anything out of the blue like this before... I don't know if it is because he sold his house, or has something else going on ... I dunno... but this isn't about that it is about the shock of actually getting money from him! :)

OK back to my search for a mom in need to help :)

Karma maybe????

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Cheryl said...

Hey, I've always said what goes around come around!