Wednesday, June 28, 2006

OK I guess...

I have said some things that I probably shouldn't have... they were all truths and felt from the heart... but that doesn't mean I have to say them "out loud" right?

Some things are said in frustration... like the fact that my MIL will not come here to see her grandchildren, and will not reply to emails if I send one with pictures of the kids...etc...

I posted on my blog about my computer crashing... my MIL and my SIL both came here very regularly... but yet could not email me so that I could send pictures or updates... I was frustrated... and hurt for my children.. if that makes sense.. because I WANT them to have grandparents... active grandparents... is that selfish? And I am just guessing that my SIL has a problem with me because of the rift with me and her mother. I don't have hard facts about that... just something I am totally guessing on.

Nicks Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother in law, and 2 nieces are the closest the kids have as far as relatives... all the others are many many miles away... so with the rift they basically have no family... know what I mean? except for their Grandpa... Well Nick also has an Aunt that lives a few hours away... we need to try and hook up with her soon. I want the kids to know her, she is a fantastic woman with a huge heart!

So anyways... now that I have chased away my MIL & SIL I feel bad... because ever since I announced that I know they come here... to get updates and such... they haven't been back... so right now they have NO updates about the kids... or us... and my intention was not to drive them away... but I guess to get them to get over whatever it is and COMMUNICATE for the kids sake... but I guess I went about it the wrong way. It can all just be so frustrating though.

So to my MIL & my SIL if I can get over my dislikes for the kids sake, and have open communication... can you? I don't treat Denny badly... I don't think... I would treat you the same way if you were to visit. I hold no grudges... we will never see eye to eye on everything... we will never have total and complete love for each other... but I do love you , whether you can believe that or not... you are my husbands family and he only has one... he doesn't get another chance at a family... and neither do you... or I ... so how about a truce?

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Terry said...

it is hard to please everyone and make everyone happy, I have the experience on that. You, want the best for your children and you want them to know all of them and have a wonderful life.
But, you do have a right to your opioion even if it doesn't come out right.
Were here for you! no matter what. Your just trying to be a good mother.
Love you,
Terry Moore