Thursday, June 29, 2006

I think I screwed up...

I got offered a job a few days ago... I thought about it, talked it over with Nick, and then decided to go back today to inquire about it.
It is at the local gas station here. It would be nights... during the week, and on weekends. The shift would be from around 4-5pm until midnight, except on Sundays they close at 10. They gave me an application, they wanted me to fill it out there but I said I couldn't because the kids were at home and I needed to get back. They told me to fill it out and bring it back a.s.a.p. ..... so I went home, filled it right out and then brought it back. I gave it to the new owner and he said he would give it to Denise (his wife)and thanked me... I left

All sounds just fine right?

Until I later realized that I had forgotten to go back to the questionnaire part of the application that I skipped over UGH!

Now I think they will not call me... for lack of attention to detail.. this sucks. I really, really wanted the job. I had calculated at part time working, and doing before and after school care for the neighbor, I could bring in at least $800 a month...

This sux.


shannon said...

Perhaps you should call them, tell them you realize you didn't fill out that part and you want to know if you can do it for them now. Then they'll know you do actually have attention to detail, and you try to correct your mistakes. It's worth a shot.

Mari-jane said...

Just go by tomorrow, let them know you were so eager and in such a rush to get it back to them, you skipped over that part and forgot to go back & fill itout. They will appreciate your honesty.. Good luck! MJ

Terry said...

I agree with your sister, just go back and tell them you missed that part of the application, everyone has done that at least once and the hrs sound like they would be good for you for the kids and all. A little extra never hurts anyone.
Were here for you! Let us know how it turns out. GO! ha!
Love Ya, Good Luck Terry