Monday, July 10, 2006

It found me....

When I wasn't looking.... We slept late this morning... and while we were sleeping the phone was ringing and someone was leaving a message for me. It wasn't a job I had applied for, it was a job I had over 5 years ago...
I am going back to an old job.
I am going to be a school bus driver again :)
I have lots of things I have to do now to prepare... I have to take an 8 hour class. I have to have a physical, I have to be fingerprinted, I have to have a drug and alcohol test, I have to take a written test, and I have to take a driving test. Luckily I kept my CDL when I stopped driving school bus... that makes it a little bit easier.

Barb reminded me that I could take the kids if I wanted to (on my bus route) and that they even have car seats and they can put one on my bus if I wanted for J5.

She also said that she will drive me over to where I have to take the class so that I know where it is and we can do lunch or something that day. She sounded excited to have me back :) I am excited about being back :)

Oh and she said I would probably just get my old route back... I remember the route... all the kids are just bigger now :)

It may not be a glamorous job... but it is a job that fits me... and my family... and I don't have to worry about needing a babysitter :)


shannon said...

Hooray! Glad something came up!

Terry said...

Congradulations!!! That is awesome and not to even have to worry about a babysitter.
For some reason, we don't know why but, it just comes our way. IM happy for you!.
And again, Congradulations!!!.


Mari-jane said...

Congrats! That is perfect! Do you still have the sit down and shut up t-shirt? You are a brave woman! Good luck, I am glad something came open that you will enjoy doing. MJ