Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My kids..

Don't mess with them!
You want to mess with me that is fine..
Give me what you got!
But when it comes to my kids... watch out!

Tuesday is when the older 3 see their dad....
today he picked up J2 first.. then when J3 called and asked where he was he said he was going to take a shower and then pick him and J1 up and go to their grandparents house... so several hours, and several phone calls later J1 & J3 got picked up... and they went to see their grandparents in the next town, 30 miles away.. who had just been on vacation to Disney... who they see *maybe* 2 times a year... and the souvenirs they got ... were not even Disney related... OK... my kids are not materialistic.. they WANT people to ask how they are and show concern for them... and when my daughter who is the most accepting and understanding comes home hurt... that sets alarms off. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!! OK you DONT have to spend money to show a child love! SHOW concern! ASK questions! SHOW you care!!!! Maybe my kids don't show total acceptance for everyone... they are leary... they don't know how to act!!! but what can you expect??? They have not been shown acceptance... from their own "blood" I know that sounds harsh... but come on!!! even my own sister... who reads this blog MJ you KNOW I am talking to you... know how much our own parents as grandparents SUCK! So what the hell are we to do??? how do we get the Nana's and Grammy's for our kids?? what will life be like without Nana's and Grammy's?????
OK going to bed now... totally pissed off with the whole family thing... better for me to go to bed than to continue to run my mouth....


Mari-jane said...

There are no other Nana & Grammys, not for our kids, all we can do is be better parents and then be the Nana or Grammy to our own grandkids.. it is what it is, and you know there is no way to change it. I am blessed that Greta is such an awesome Nana for Hunter, and her & Randy are there for the twins too. Give your gang extra hugs from me.. and hopefully you won't wake up as pissed off as you went to sleep! Love ya, MJ

Cheryl said...

Sometimes, hon, you have to adopt some grandparents. There are all sorts of older people out there who would just love to have some grandkids to give attention to, and receive attention from. Sometimes you just have to get creative and make your own family.