Friday, September 22, 2006

Belated Birthday

So J3 just had his 11th birthday on the 19th... but I have been so busy with driving school bus and working at the gas station plus trying to keep things going here at home with homework, house cleaning etc that I haven't had any extra time for blogging :(

I don't know where the time is going... but it seems so weird to have the time whipping right past me... but yet still not really moving... I say that because J1 will be 17 in February, but yet I have J4 and J5 who will be 4 and 2 in November...

J3's birthday just kind of came and went quickly, and quietly.. there was no birthday party, there was no birthday candles and singing.... I had to work, Nick had to work AND J3 was sick 2 days before his birthday all the way through his birthday, he missed school and everything :( He did get 2 cards in the mail, and 2 cards here at home from his dad and his dads girlfriend, and then J1 made him a birthday card. Dave picked him up an ice cream cake from the store and had it be a present from J2 since she didn't have anything to give him... J1 got him a blizzard from DQ and a box of runts candy. His dad got him a PS2 game and a box of football cards, we got him a puppy and a PS2 game on clearance. Puppy? did I say that? Yes folks... we broke down and got him a puppy (on the 15th)... cute little buggar too... his name is Ralph... or affectionately it is Ralphie.... he does really well with all the kids and provides lots of entertainment LOL

It came and went quickly... much like his birth... I was told the night before he was born that I would be induced the next morning... I went in for induction and 3 1/2 hours later I was holding him in my arms... no time for pain meds and not much time for the Dr to get in the room... all of a sudden it was just WHAM time for a baby... all 8lbs 4oz of him :)

I will try and get some baby pictures dug out and scanned so I can add them later... he sure was a cute chub a lub.... AH.... he still is.... just not a chub a lub anymore LOL

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Cheryl said...

Man do you pop this kiddoes out fast!

Umm, is this puppy housetrained yet, lol?