Friday, September 22, 2006

Appraising Baseball???

OK so I have this Mark McGwire poster from his home run thingie he had going on... and it has a ticket stub from one of his home run games Aug 30, 1998... along with a metro ticket, a sports bar napkin, a dollar, and a piece about Jack Buck.... it has a metal pin type thing with it... it has the date 8/30/98 on it as well

Here are some pictures... maybe someone will know how I can find out if there is any value to it???


Amber said...

That's a nice piece of baseball history. We have a sports memribilia shop here that can appraise things for you. There should be site online too. Have you found anything out yet?

peter parker said...

No, havent found anything out... havent really had time to look into it unfortunatley.