Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Scavenger Hunt

Wanna play?
J1's car is sooooo close to being fixed... one little thing though... the car that the replacement engine came out of was a 95 Eagle Talon.... the engine however is not the original engine for that car... the engine is actually a 90... and it was from a manual car... J1's car is an automatic... the engine will work in his car.... but we need a flex plate for that engine in order to use it... finding one has not been an easy task! So far no luck at all in finding the part.
So we need to find a flex plate for a 2.0 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse Automatic.
Wanna play?

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Terry said...

Will check the mistubishi here in South Florida. Plenty of them I will call two that I know and let you know. And will see what the website is.
That's is what we are all here for is to help each other. Your family.
Love ya, Terry