Friday, September 29, 2006

Weston School Shooting

Not sure if any of you who read this heard anything about the shooting at Weston.. It is the same school Nick graduated from... the same school his 2 nieces attend. His youngest niece who just started kindergarten heard the shots that rang through the school. It is a very shocking and very scary thing to have happen. I know my sister in law must be scared and horrified at what could have been. I thank God that the girls are safe, and am so grateful it wasn't a worse outcome... it is a very tragic incident that could have been so, so much worse.
Hug your loved ones a little closer tonight, thank God for every moment you have. Life is precious, life is short...
These 2 little girls could have been lost today... I hope none of their innocence or trust has been lost in this whole thing.

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Terry said...

Hey! Snap Happy Ha! Ha!
I read about this and heard it on the news, I couldn't even want to go back to school these days, although, it can happen any where you are. they are beautiful girls.