Sunday, October 01, 2006


So I have mentioned that J1 has a girlfriend... well... they went to homecoming tonight... and we have an all exclusive photo of them tonight from after the dance... looks like they had fun huh?
And as many of you know this is a rare and precious photo because J1 hates to be photographed... but he actually went home and got the camera and came up to the gas station so that I could take a photo of them LOL

(as always, click the photo to get a closer look of the photo... you know you want to! lol)


Terry said...

Snap Happy, what is up with that? ha! ha!. They make a cute couple. I have got to learn to do my pictures on my blog.
I really wish you would do something with your pics. Mom said the leaves are falling.
Glad he went to homecoming!

peter parker said...

Leaves are changing here... will try to get some pics, my camera is really old and crappy though so they might leave much to be desired.. I would love to get a better camera!
I do not know what was up with that Snap Happy thing! Kind of funny... but also weird!