Tuesday, October 03, 2006


That would be J4... he is the prince of the bus LOL all the kids, big and small love to sit by him. Lately it is the big kids that get him as he likes being on the back of the bus with them. This morning he went to the back of the bus once the other kids started getting on the bus, he was sitting in a seat alone until Taylor got on the bus, he is in 8th grade, and as he went to the back of the bus and found a seat he quickly turned to J4 and asked if he could sit with him... J4 said sure... well until Andrea got on the bus. Andrea is a 7th grader and J4 really likes sitting by her.. he also sits with 10th and 11th graders... they all love him :) I feel bad for the little kids... Austin, Rachael, Audrey...as they love to sit by him as well.. and he used to like sitting with them... now in the afternoon they each ask him if they can sit by him... he always says no... he holds out for the bigger kids. I think this must be because he is used to being around his older brothers and sister. I am just glad he has outgrown his rotten phase LOL it is nice to see him being social.

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