Sunday, October 22, 2006

What's Cooking on Sunday!

So today I am finally cooking what I had planned for Fridays dinner. Spanish Rice with Beef (in the crock pot of course)! It sounds very simple but after adding all the ingredients and seeing it all together and smelling it... I cant WAIT for supper!
Also on the side in another crock pot I have homemade applesauce cooking!
If it all turns out well ( which I think it will) I will post the recipes. If anyone else loves their crock pot and loves good tasty food you, I think you will enjoy the food that has been cooking around here :)

On a side....
J4's head is doing just fine, it no longer bothers him. He does have some blood built up on it thought so I am guessing he bumped it at some point after having the staple put in. He should be able to shower and wash his hair tonight so hopefully it washes right off easily... he is sounding pretty croupy now so I am not sure if he will make it back to school tomorrow or not. Not sure if I mentioned in my other post or not that he gets the staple out in 7 days... that would be this coming Friday.

Nick made an awesome homemade hearty lasagna last Wednesday that was SO good and filling! He made up some garlic bread to go with it and I tossed up a fresh salad with lots of goodies in it! If anyone wants a good hearty lasagna recipe let me know... it included organic garlic, freshly grated Parmesan cheese... OH I am getting hungry for it again! too bad it is all long gone!

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