Sunday, October 22, 2006

Plated... and eaten :)

So, here it is....

Spanish Rice with Beef, prepared in the crock-pot.
It was not as flavorful as I had expected but I added salt and pepper to my dish and it was good. Nick added Tabasco sauce to his, the kids left theirs plain. This was good though, because not everyone has the same taste for spiciness.

The Applesauce... cinnamon added right before mashing in the crock-pot, then plated nice and warm...mmmmmmmm so fragrant and flavorful and warm! (have I mentioned it is only 41 degrees today?)

If anyone would like either of these recipes I would be more than happy to email or post them. J2's opinion of the applesauce? She says I should make that every day LOL I don't think I want to peel, core and slice 3 lbs of apples on a daily basis!

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shannon said...

Yum. I think the rice looks good. Please post the recipe!