Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Day in Hell!

Ummmm yes! That would where I was yesterday... 4 sick kids, I had to work school bus and gas station, school released early so my day of gas station and school bus was kind of goofy.... my work at the gas
station was interrupted when my only healthy child was jumped at the park and knocked out (Justin aka J1)...... so add in police, ambulance and hospital, cat scans, stitches, then more police, then pharmacy to get antibiotics and pain meds, then going to the gas station to explain the abrupt departure then getting the news that my sister who is 50 today has fluid on her heart and is in congestive heart failure....(this was news from my mother.. if she is exaggerating I will be very mad)


Anyone want to trade places?

On top off all that Nick and I are fighting the sickies and I
messed up and sold cigarettes to a minor during a sting operation....
( I wasn't alone, I asked for help... long story... the girl I was
working with told me the girl was OK and to sell her the
cigarettes... but I was the one who made the sale)

So between abruptly leaving work and selling the cigarettes I am not even sure if I have a job... I don't get a paycheck today since they have to redo it because I left early... we just got paid (Nicks check and my school bus check plus newspaper check) but are already broke because we paid bills ( got all caught up *I think* and paid one thing off and paid ahead on the washer and dryer so they wouldn't come take it, and paid more on 3 other bills to try and get them paid off soon *loans*) SO I now have my camera listed for sale on eBay and am looking for more things to list for sale so I can get some quick cash to survive the next 2 weeks... PLUS I still have to pay water by the 15th and the Orthodontist by the 15th..... so I have to pull money out of my butt to accomplish that...


again... anyone want to trade?????

And THAT is why I didn't post yesterday... perhaps I will post that meatloaf recipe in a bit... maybe....


shannon said...

Goodness. Sorry to hear about your sister, and I hope Justin is okay!
And I hope you get a breather soon!

Terry said...

okay! IM praying for you, your sister, I have to find out which one.
OMG! when things get like this, as I tend to go through them myself it seem's to make us even stronger.
I will email you or your sister and find out which one.
Let us know if your Mom misunderstood.
Love you and were praying for you and your sister.
Let us know the outcome of the Job!. I have to watch too on where I work they can trick u so easy. Let me know about Justin! Hope he is okay.
Love you!

Snoskred said...

I'm trying to visit as many of the NaBloPoMo blogs as I can and I thought I'd say hi, I liked your blog.. :) Hope it all gets better for ya soon.. ;)