Saturday, November 18, 2006

The pain of it all.

Well today my baby looks much worse, the swelling has increased and is now under his chin also..

it also is spread up into his lower ear area causing his ear to stick out a little bit.. and it feels harder in the ear area.. He went downstairs with Jenna (J2) and she gave him a gummy bear vitamin and it caused him pain to try and eat :( she brought him back up to me... he was crying... well actually it was sobbing, his little chest was heaving and he was pointing at that side of his face... All I could do is hold him close, sing to him, and rub his back until the pain finally subsided.... he wanted to stay close after that and lay his face against mine.. of course that would be the OK side of his face... the swollen hard side he doesn't want anything touching, he wont even lay that side of his face down on the bed.
He had a hard time taking his medicine this morning... even small amounts for him to swallow made him gag :( and he has to take 2 teaspoons of the stuff twice a day!! That is a lot to try and get a little guy to swallow especially when he has difficulty with the swallowing! I hope the medicine kicks in soon and starts healing him.
I have to work tonight so I am not sure how Nick is going to get him to take his medicine at 8:00.... I may just have to come home then for my supper break and try to give it to him myself.... I would almost rather have to give him a shot twice a day then to try and get him to swallow all that medicine!

Now remember.... THIS is what my sweet baby's face normally looks like...


Amber said...

Poor little guy! I hope those meds work quickly.

Terry said...

Poor thing! if it doesn't work within a day, take him back,he's too cute to be so sick.
Prayers for him.

Cheryl said...

Oh my gosh, bless his little heart!! I hope the antibiotics kick in quickly, and he feels much better very soon!