Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bye Bye Fanny............

Or so I hope!

I am now a member of Weight Watchers and the proud new owner of a Tony Little Freestyle Gazelle ( I got it at an indoor yard sale this morning for $5!!!)

I am tired of how big I look... I have said that on more than one occasion I know... but this time I am Happy with me... just not with how much of me there is LOL I like how I look, I would just like a smaller version please LOL

I will let you know how it goes... first things first... and what is first is clearing out a space for the TLFG and getting it in the house LOL

So make sure, if you care, to keep on top of me, keep me motivated, help me out :)

And if you are on Weight Watchers, or have been on Weight Watchers in the past, feel free to send me some tips! They would be very welcomed. And if you want to join me? Now is the time! I am just starting out, I would love to have a WW buddy! Let's see if we can do it together :)

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Terry said...

Woo Hoo! Im proud of you, I got to do something as I lost 4 lbs not sure how, as IM not trying. But, it's medical issue's will explain later, but the doctor would love to see me past a certain part, and I agree I think you have to be happy about who you are and it goes from there, I will look for some things as we have all been there, my friends mom is on Jenny Craig, it's just paying for the food, so, I say wieght watchers is better.
Love ya! keep going!!