Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Well color me red!

SO I started Weight Watchers and I have been doing *OK* I have been looking for a lot of information on the community board there... it is easy to get discouraged when you get a reply to a post like this...

The plain truth is, Alison, we are not a nice bunch around here. You got a lot of info and very nice info today. This does not always happen.

You might want to hang out a bit and watch and see if this is a good fit for you. We are sarcastic (and some say rude) but we have fun and we find our support in a tough way. Most of us do better when someone tells us to quit stuffing our piehole vs. hugging us and telling us it will be okay.

Maybe it is me... and the fact that I am PMS'ie ( oh yeah, I got jumped for mentioning anything having to do with that time of month) ( let me post THAT reply)

OK, I don't know what AF stands for. But I'm assuming it has to do with riding the cotton pony. So, with that said Alison, and do not get offended, but no one wants to know when you are on the rag.

Just don't. OK? No hoo ha talk, no politics, no religion, no medical advice.

Just sayin.

OK for the record I am not on *the rag* as she says and never mentioned that I was but I did mention PMS and the soon to be heading my way *AF*.. they seem a bit harsh over there! I guess I will either toughen up or find my way around on my own really quickly!! :)

On a good note? I have lost 2lbs so far... hooray for me pfffftttttttt


shannon said...

Wow. They don't sound like very nice women. Perhaps you can find another board somewhere else that would be more supportive?

Cricket said...

I moved to the newbie board... funny thing is they follwed me! For all that is good and tasty wont they just move along now! LOL

shannon said...

Maybe there's another board of iVillage or someplace where they'd be more helpful.

Mari-jane said...

I guess some women replace their food habit, with a bad attitude! Sorry you have those types of women in the group! Tell them to go eat a piece of chocolate!! Hang in there.. you are doing great!

Tara said...

I belong to e-diets and belong to a board there called Lifes Odyssey. Much more supportive than those harsh women sound.