Friday, December 15, 2006

It's Glad now not Gay!

Last night was the Pre-k through 5th grade Christmas concert, it was Jacobs first concert ever so he was SO excited! It was the first time ever that I have seen the school gymnasium so PACKED! We were squished in there like a bunch of sardines! It was such a cute concert... Oh so cute! We laughed so much when the early childhood, pre-k and kindergartner's were up on the stage singing, it was too adorable!
Anyways, I cant remember which grade group sang Deck the Halls but I must say I was shocked to hear them sing "Don we now our GLAD apparel" I turned to Nick and asked " Did they just say GLAD apparel???" a few people in front of me turned around and said yes, they had gotten letters from the school about it.. they seemed a little disgusted as well... at the end Nick overheard a man telling the principal that he wanted to file a complaint about that song... Oh geez! It wasn't THAT shocking... come one.... we aren't even supposed to say MERRY CHRISTMAS in fear of offending someone!

Anyways.... on that note I give you some pictures! I took these before the concert... then my batteries died (hey it is an OLD camera that is a battery hog!) so you get pictures in front of our tree and none of the concert... sorry!

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