Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Not a lot .....

to post about... I have been busy with work and life and haven't had any time for blogging... barely have enough time for emails these days!

At the moment everyone in the house is healthy (knock on wood) I will be taking Jonathan back in for more blood work this week.... the Dr wants to check some things since his lead level went up one point instead of dropping like it has been.

Jenna is all finished with basketball for the season. Here is her basketball photo (age 12, 7th grade)

Jacob is loving school and doing really well. He is also starting to sound out letters, doing well at writing his name and recognizing letters.

JP is now in basketball and keeping busy with that.

Justin is still with his girlfriend and trying to recoup his school grades that he let slide with all the distractions of having a girl friend!

Nick and I are still busy with working, trying to finish up with house repairs plus keep on top of daily house stuff, kids, etc

That is about it for now!

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Terry said...

keep us posted and hoping it changes for the better. Jenna still looks like you, you sound like a busy MOM.