Sunday, December 31, 2006

What I want to be

What I want to be
When I grow up to be big me
What I want to be
What I want o be
Is a Dr or a ballerina

do you remember that Barney song?

Well for the longest time I used to say I don't know want I to be when I grow up.

even last year I was saying that!

And the only thing now that I can honestly say that I really want to be or do????

has to do with photography! I would love to take classes, I would love to work for a newspaper.. yes, there comes in the Peter Parker...

We have a local newspaper here... and the pictures are merely snapshots, nothing spectacular.. I would love to have my pictures in that paper.. in any paper... even if it did not pay!

I love taking pictures

I love photography

I love learning all the little and big things there are that go along with photography!

I would love to have a nice camera! UGH! If I had $1300 dollars..... um yeah... I would buy a camera! but I don't!.... so instead, here are a few of my favorite photos from the past few years... photos to close out the year... in 2007 I sadly have to say that I do not see any photos coming from me... the camera I have is a 6 year old slow 2 mega-pixel camera! I do not even have any pictures from Christmas 06! It totally sux!
But anyways... here are some of my favorites..... I am sure some of you have seen these pictures many times :)... they are all.... pieces of me....

OK picture host is having issues... pictures to come later....


Terry said...

So what is keeping you? Even if it is the camera. Take the one's you have now, put them in a portofolio and start cracking. Something is bound to happen, even if it is small. Life is too short to not try. You have awesome photo's and when I see you again, IM hoping to learn from you. So, see, don't say you can't. Find someone, even if it is a small local paper. Then keep going.
Your Goal for 2007! Happy New Year, Glad your back in my life.

Cricket said...

You are SO right!
And I love you :)

Terry said...

Glad I could help! GO FOR IT, MJ would tell you the same thing.

Mari-jane said...

You should go for it.. and a couple of those pix should be sent to some of the nature or country magazines.. can't hurt. you have a talent.. you should share it.. I am proud of you!! Love ya little sis, MJ

shannon said...

Put together a portfolio and send it to the local newspaper. They're always looking for freelancers (trust me on this one). It's easier to get a freelance photog job than reporter job.
Also, think about a job at Olan Mills or another photo studio in the area. It's at least taking pictures, even though it's a pretty regimented format.
And you might put together a Web site and market yourself for portraits, wedding photos, etc.

Terry said...

I am with your sister and Shannon, I would try all of these, it's worth a shot and what a better way to start the year of 007. 2007, GO FOR IT! Let us know how your doing.