Sunday, January 07, 2007


Well let's see here... what kind of news can I think of to create a post!

The truck went wonky and it appears it is the rear wheel speed sensor... which means the ABS light is on, the Brake light is on and the speedometer doesn't work until the truck hits 2500RPM ( which means it also isn't shifting until then). The part should be in on Tuesday and then it should be an easy fix... crossing fingers!

As I posted before I had started Weight Watchers... however I started right before Christmas... so as you can imagine things didn't go so well from Christmas to New Years.. BUT I did renew my commitment and started fresh on January 1st! No it was not a New Years resolution... I don;t do those! But the 1st just so happened to be on a Monday which just happens to be my weigh in day! So on that Monday I weighed in and started fresh! This week has been a GREAT week! I am figuring things out, eating food I love, feeling full and losing weight! It gets easier as I understand more about calculating the points! This morning my breakfast was a quick, take on the go, very very filling, low point breakfast... it was an english muffin with a smidge of mustard ( I am not huge on mustard but wanted the taste of it) 7 slices of Healthy choice ham, and a slice of fat free swiss.... I had to force myself to finish the last few bites because I was already full! ( I made myself finish it so I wouldn't lose the full points count and to ensure the fullness would last a while). My breakfast was 5 points... which still leave me with TWENTY points for the rest of the day! It is actually getting hard to eat all my points in a day now that I am figuring out the foods and points! Yesterday my lunch was a Soup at Hand Chicken and stars (the heat and drink in the container kind) 2 slices of wheat bread with butter, and a salad.... all was a whopping 3 points! and yes again.... I was FULL!
So enough of that... I weigh in tomorrow and if I get a chance I will post the results of my first weigh in... oh and also? I am joining a local group to do a biggest loser 12 week challenge! It starts next Saturday :)

we finally realised after a little research that our Pay as you Go cell phones actually are more expensive than if we had a contract plan! So we took the plunge and got signed up for Verizon Wireless! We should have our new phone numbers on either Monday or Tuesday... let me know if you would like the number and I will email them to you :)

Report cards came... JP and Justin... eh not so good! Jenna? of course, as usual, great grades and 2 honor roll certificates for the first semester!
Justin and his girlfriend broke up ... again... but this time? I think it may be for good... and that is a good thing... I think he finally sees a lot of what he didn't see before and is positive about moving on... BUT if they did get back together? I would be OK with it... eventually he will get past it and be prepared to move on... First love teaches you a lot... eventually.... and I think this will provide a HUGE improvement in his grades... and his social life... because with her? he is not allowed a social life!

That is about all I can think of for now.... I hope everyone is having a great beginning to the new year!

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Terry said...

Glad to see things are good. Hope the truck is coming along. I might have to check wieght watchers out, sounds like a good thing.
What about your photos?? How is that going?
We love to encourage!