Saturday, February 24, 2007

It was nice!

I worked at the restaurant last night for the first time... I was supposed to be just following Heather around and busing tables to learn the ropes (some nights I will bus and some nights I will waitress) but Alex ended up throwing a couple tables at me... not literally LOL but he ended up having Donna tell me to wait on a couple of tables... boy did my nerves flare up! But I got through it and the people were all nice... one of the many benefits of living in a small town! I only did 4 tables last night but it was enough to give me a feel for it and I liked it... I even got an $11 tip from one table! I wasnt supposed to work again until Tuesday but Donna asked me if I wanted to come on Sunday for just a few hours from 11-3 and I said yes... hey more money and more time to learn the ropes around there! I came home feeling good and that is all the really matters right? and of course with the cash in my pocket which was really nice as well :)

And other than that all I have to add is pictures! I took these yesterday before I had to go to work.

Jenna and Jacob... they still are really close... they always have been :)

And Jenna's new hair...

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Anonymous said...

awesome pics congrads on the new job. IM not sure I could do it, but I said the same thing with this new job and IM doing it as talking on the phone to another people I don't know. And being recorded. I never thought I would find me doing that.
Again, your pictures are awesome! love Jenna's new hair. I hope they always remain close