Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Did Not Fall Off

the face of the earth :) I have just been busy working, taking care of the family and the house and practicing my photography hobby :) The new job... I LOVE! I really do. I know I said that ( maybe not in those exact words) about the gas station.. and I did like my job there... I just hated the A$$ I worked for... but anyway... the restaurant is an awesome fit for me! I actually prefer to bus tables but I don't mind the waitressing either... and Donna and Alex are awesome to work for! They take care of me well. When I work they always tell me to sit and rest... which I just cannot bring myself to do... and Alex always fixes me something to eat... I never know what it is going to be, or when it is going to happen LOL he just waits for a slow time in the shift and sends a plate out for me and insists I sit down and eat :)

Report cards... JP did not do so well ( which I was expecting, we are working on that...) Jenna got honor roll as usual... and Justin.... he got a 3.50 GPA this quarter (higher than Jenna)! 3 A's, 1 B+, and 2 B's (just shy of high honors but still honor roll)! I figured out I just need to keep him away from girls! LOL

Jacob is doing well in school also, he gets good reports every day... he has even started to learn to read! amazing how they have changed school so much these days!

Jonathan is talking so much more... he had a recent preschool screening ( they do it from birth to 5) and they suggested he get in home therapy to help with his speech... we didnt bite... he is only 2 years and 4 months old, has just started to talk, has been through almost 2 years of blood testing for lead... give the kid a break! he speaks in sentences! I can understand him, we can help him with pronunciation as needed! When he is 3 if he is having trouble with being understood then come talk to me about in home therapy!

Other than that? All I can give you is... of course, you guessed it I am sure.... Pictures! and as always...for the full sized version of the picture just click on the photo :)

I have more pictures but... that is all I have time to post at the moment :)

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Anonymous said...

Beautifully done! Good To see your doing well and thanks for the update I wondered what happen.

Keep going ur doing great!:)