Saturday, March 31, 2007

I was tagged

By Amy..... see link over there on the right side....

I am now supposed to post six weird things about myself... hmmm let me see... where to begin...

1. I had a pet spider as a little girl, Charlie lived in our livingroom window sill... until my sister killed him! Now? I get the creeps when I see a spider!

2. I will only drink Diet Pepsi from a can... if it is in a plastic bottle I will not touch it.

3. I cannot stand the smell of microwave popcorn! I would rather cook the popcorn on the stove and miss part of a movie rather than pop a stinky bag of popcron into the microwave and be done in a few minutes!

4. I am very, very afraid of getting my haircut! I cut my own hair or have my husband or daughter help me cut it!

5. I am deathly afraid of Florida Cockroaches! Also known as Palmetto bugs... I would leap to my death to avoid one of thoise monsters! I have been known in the past to break out in tears, run screaming like a crazy person and then sit in a balled up upright position all night with the light on to make sure one did not come to get me!... yes this has happened on more than one occasion! Not a pretty sight!

6. I cannot read a forune cookie until I have completely eaten the cookie and washed it down with a drink... THEN I can read the fortune!

Phew! OK.... so I am tagging.... MJ, Terry, & Brianne


Mari-jane said...

ok, ya got me, go to to chek out my wierdness! Love ya, MJ

Anonymous said...

I put mine in my blog IM not sure how to do the links. IM learning! it's a working progress! MJ will show me when I go soon. But, I tagged Nancy.

Anonymous said...

by the way! what happened to your links? I keep up with Shannon's blog as well.