Monday, March 26, 2007

Taking on More

So as you all know I drive a school bus twice a day... I am out from 7am to 8am and then again from 3pm to 4pm.... also I work at the cafe... Tuesday 4pm to 8pm, also on Fidays from 4pm to 8pm, Sundays from 9am to 3pm and occasionally on Saturdays from 11am to 3pm ... and then also we have the 3 newspaper routes that have to be done by 5pm Mon-Fri and by 8am on Saturday and Sunday...they take about an hour to deliver... so I figured I still had time for more so I am now also starting another job tomorrow!

Last Wednesday I was at Wendy's house (she was doing Jennas eyebrows) and she was telling me that she has so much going on that she was having to drop one of her jobs and that job was in the childcare room at a local fitness center.. I asked her more details about it and it sounded really good so I called the next day on Thursday and was told to call the main office and speak to Sharon,.... I called Sharon to get the details and she said they had 2 openings and they were from 8-12... I told her I could not do that as I drive school bus and told her I couldnt go in until 8:30... she said she could talk to the other girl that works in the room and see if she would come in at 8 instead of 8:30 and that I would take a higher chance at getting the job over applicants since I had Wendy as a recommendation, she said she would see if she could work out the scheduling and would call me back on Friday.... Friday came around but I didnt hear from her so I just put it out of my mind for the weekend.

This morning Nick and I headed out to the park with Jonathan since it was so beautiful out and while we were out I called the Fitness Center to see if they were still looking for someone in the child care room and they said yes and to come in and fill out an application... I said thank you and hung up and told Nick I would just call Sharon again later when we got home. We strolled through the park for a while and Jonathan had fun running around and picking up different things... we were getting close to being done when my phone rang... it was Sharon! She said she was sorry she didnt get back to me, that things just got crazy and she took longer to get things done than she thought and said I came very highly recommended by Wendy and the job was mine if I wanted it! She also said I could have all the days (Mon-Fri) or I could tell them which days were best for me and they could hire another person as well... I told her that I could work any of the days, that it wasnt a problem since it was only 3 1/2 hours a day. She was very happy to hear that and said how excited they were to have me going to work for them and asked me to start training this week. I told her the only day that I wasnt available was Wednesday ( I have to drive a school field trip ... this never happens and is just a fluke) so she asked me to come in tomorrow on Tuesday to begin training (paid training) and then again on Thursday ( when she would be there and would do all of the paperwork). I brought up Jonathan and told her I wasnt sure if I or Wendy had mentioned that I have a 2 year old... she said she thought Wendy had mentioned it to her and said it was not a problem at all... that one of the benefits of working there was that I could bring one or ALL of my children if needed and then went on to tell me that besides being paid hourly, and being able to take any of the kids with me, that I as well as Nick and Justin ( since he is over the age of 13) would get free memberships to the gym! I am so excited! And I am excited that they are excited to have me :) It may sound like I have a lot of jobs but that is the way I have to do it... I do the jobs I do so that we dont need childcare, and so that my kids ( with the exception of the cafe) can come with me if wanted or needed. SHe also said I would need CPR training and that they would get that all set up for me.

Oh and Also? I just signed up to sell Avon again also... so there is my little plug... if you need any Avon products just let me know :)

And if there are any typos in here I appologise but I am running out of time on here and dont have time to go back and read through all that I just typed!


Mari-jane said...

Wow, I got exhausted just reading that! Do you have an online site for Avon, there are a few things I want, so let me know. I have an old book, so don't know what si still available! Love ya, MJ

Anonymous said...

Boy! Aren't we busy! Congrad's on the job. I hope it goes well, you should start taking pics maybe someone will find out about them while your there. Just A Hint! oh! your spelling is okay, we all do that, look at your sister's is, she put si. So if she see's it I love u both! lol. Take pics and see what they do!.