Monday, April 30, 2007

And then she was a TEENAGER!

So today is Jenna's 13th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jenna!

She was to go to the Fray concert tonight... which got cancelled just a couple hours ago... it was announced on the radio that it was cancelled due to a family emergency... I must admit I am a little relieved as I wasnt ready for her to go to this concert... she was going with her best friend... just the two of them... at age 13! I did NOT buy the ticket for her... I have to add that part in... her dad bought her the ticket! silly, silly men! when will they learn?!?!?!!

I still remember her birth like it was yesterday.... her dad, my sister and my mother were in the room with me... my sister and ex thought it was a comical event.... I remember giving them looks to kill glances as they giggled and said "paging Dr.Larry, paging Dr.Moe, paging Dr.Curly) ummmm yeah... not so funny when you are having back labor and the air conditioner is broken in your room! But luckily it was a quick labor ( as all of my labors have been with the exception of Justins birth... whos wasnt awfully long at just about 4 1/2 hours of hospital time , but his was my longest out of all 5 births). Oh and then there was my mom grabbing the OB's gloves and using them to fan me.... only to find out these were specially sized gloves and would cause a problem once he came in to deliver Jenna! Ummmm yeah, Thanks mom!

So Happy Birthday Bird! Your birth was amazing and so are you :) I love you!

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Anonymous said...

Happy 13th Birthday Jenna, funny, this is hilarious, I can picture your MOM, as I have done in the past. Expesically, when she walked around with a bag of donuts and offered it to all the officers. Ask MJ she'll fill you in. But, this is your MOM, she is too funny.

Love ya!