Thursday, May 03, 2007

Iron Bra's, Sickies, & Quitting.

OK... so I am 7 weeks.... 7 1/2 weeks... something like that... pregnant! Can I say OUCH! I wish I had an iron bra cuz let me tell ya! These puppies HURT!!!!!!!!!!! And on top of that I get the all day sickies a LOT! UGH! I feel like I am on the verge of hurling most of the time... and I can't get enough sleep!

And on quitting... that would be the newspaper... we finally got tired of the low pay, the no vacations, and the constant watching of the time to make sure we are home on time and can get the papers delivered.... So I finally sat down and did some basic math to see how much we are actuually making a month and the sad thing is we actually are LOSING money by delivering the paper! We pay more in gas then what we make! ( 1/8th of a tank a day to deliver papers.... 26 gallon tank... $3.00 a gallon at the moment.. equals more than what we make per month by at least $30 or more a month) so... yeah... bye bye newspaper route.....

And more sickies... I don't think I ever blogged about all of this but I was sick just over 2 weeks ago... got through it ok until Monday when I woke up unable to hgear out of my left ear... turns out I have a middle ear infection and also needed a script for my annoying never ending cough! I am doing much better now... and after one week of myself being sick Jonathan got sick... we spent 4 hours in convenient care with him drinking steroids, having a breathing treatment, having x-rays, blood draw, nasal discharge tested, 2 syringes of Ibuprofen and 1 syringe of Tyelnol.... a diagnosis of Bronchiolitis and being sent home needing to take Prednisone and Albuterol... he is much better now and also breathing much better now... but today a runny nose returned..... *sigh* I think being around all the different kids in the playroom is too much for him.... I have requested to be cut back to only working Tuesdays and Thursdays in the playroom so that at the most he would only need to go with me one day a week... until school gets out, and then the kids would only have to watch him one day a week and he wouldnt need to go to the playroom at all. He has been sick enough and I hate to be the cause of him being sick even more.

School ends for Jacob on May 14th... the other kids last day of school is May 21st... which means I will be off from driving the schoolbus for the summer... which means no pay :( Nick said he can work overtime so hopefully that will make up for me not driving the bus for a few months... it will get even worse come December when the baby gets here and I am unable to work for a little while so maybe it is better if we start getting adjusted now... just makes it a little harder to start planning when you already know you will need a bigger vehicle, all the maternity, nursing and baby things that you got rid of because you were *done* having kids now need to be rebought.... OK trying not to stress over this!

Off to go relax and watch Happily Never After with the kids....

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