Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Diet

yeah, OK , so I am not on one... someone want to tell my body that? I have now lost 10 pounds in the last 3 weeks! Why couldnt I do that when I WASNT pregnant! sheesh LOL hope the Midwife doesnt get upset about that! Not like I am trying to do that! I would LOVE to be able to eat lots of stuff!

Looking forward to next weeks Ultrasound, I know it is too early to tell what the sex is but it will be nice to see the baby and hear the heartbeat! 8 more days to go till then!

Oh and we are still working on boy middle names... the latest ones are...
Journey Landon
Journey Brooks

Nicks favorite girl middle name is Layne....
Journey Layne

And unfortunatley that is all I have to post! I am still feeling sick a lot and still extremely tired! I am only working one job now (aside from newspapers... tomorrow is our last day to deliver those) I am working at the fitness center playroom still Mon-Fri 8:30 to noon but starting in June I will only be working Tues and Thurs from 8:30 to noon. I am ready for it... yesterday there were 16 kids all at once in the playroom... for an hour and a half... and there are only 2 playroom attendants... for all of those kids..... and the room is small LOL from 11:30 to noon I am by myself.. to watch whatever kids are in the room....

I am 11 weeks pregnant as of this past Monday... Memorial Day.

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