Thursday, May 31, 2007

Not Fair!

Yes, I am sitting here pouting! Why? because this is the time of year when yard sales are just about on every street... and I need lots of different baby things... and I have no idea if I am having a boy or a girl! UGH

I stopped at a very nice yard sale... with lots of nice things...and bargain pricing! ( like 25 cents for Old Navy baby stuff, etc) There was this absolutley gorgeous crib bedding set...... was not the typical bold primary colors or something you would find in Walmart... the colors were beautiful, not hideous.. sort of a mild tone to them... pretty muted blues, reds etc... this was a very nice set ( and the sticker on the bag showed they paid $170 just for the crib set... didnt include the mobile, lamp etc...) this entire set was $35! that was for the whole crib set plus the mobile, lamp, wall hangings... gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! The problem?! It wasnt gender neutral :( and I guess it was a good thing... since I didnt need to be spending $35 today LOL but I did get a lot of nice maternity, some gender neutral things, an adortable nursing nightgown with matching baby gown... a baby scale, some nursing items, receiving blankets... like 3 bags full of stuff! all for less than $20! If I had known if I was having a boy or girl I am sure I would have spent more LOL

but you should see the adorable mocassin type soft baby boots that are a light tan suede on the outside and a soft sherpa on the inside... perfect for a December baby.... I will have to take a picture of them... they are so adorable!

I passed up a lovely wooden cradle with bedding set also... the kind that is on a stand and can rock side to side or you put a pin in it to keep it from rocking... along with a pretty white eyelet bedding set... that was $35 also... I left it behind... sigh.....

But... I do have a crib ( probably wont be used... so I didnt need that beautiful bed set anyways lol)... and my sister is passing a bassinett on to me that can be just a basinnett or it can attach to the bed to be a co sleeper ( WONDERFUL!!!!!!!) and HUGE wonderful surprise to us was my in-laws giving us their van!!! We were trying to figure out what we were going to do since the truck only seats six... and there are already seven of us... They gave us their nice 2000 Dodge Ram Van! It is similair to a conversion van only it is a V6 instead of a V8 so it is better on gas... but yet bigger than a mini van :)

I need to find a nice infant car seat hopefully with the base that stays in the car, and I want to try to find another car seat cover thingy... I cant remember what it is called, I had one with Jacob.... they are a pouch that sets in the car seat, it is sherpa lined and it zips up to cover the baby and protect it from the harsh cold weather we have here... if anyone knows what it is called please tell me so I can start looking for one! I figure summer might be a great time to get winter bargains :)

I guess that is all for now, I am just babbling... not anything of real importance to say really....

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