Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Ok, so really it is *catch up* but that wasnt weird so I had to alter it... dont ask... cuz even I dont know LOL

So lets see....

School is out for summer.... so I am busy with 5 kids at home and with working... though my work load has cut back.... which is good!

Justin has his first job! He is a dishwasher at a fancy restaurant near here.. he is really excited to have his own paying job.

I have had my first Dr appointment for the pregnancy.... I am seeing a Midwife this time, I wasnt sure who I was going to choose for my Dr and my first appointment was automatically set up with the midwife/ nurse practitioner... at that visit I was weighed, asked 500 questions about medical history and family medical history, asked to drink a Glucose drink and then wait an hour to have blood drawn and also pee in a cup.... also at the visit the MW/NP did a pap smear, a pelvic exam, and a breast exam on me.... I figured we were on a pretty personal level at that point and didnt want to have to get that personal with yet another person in the office LOL so I decided to just stick with her! She is very nice, and also has rights at both hospitals so it is my choice as to which hospital I will deliver at. I have never had a female Dr, and I have never had a woman deliver any of my babies so I figure why not try something different for this ( my last) pregnancy anyways! Oh and my visit was at 8 weeks of the pregnancy.

I am still fighting morning sickness at various times throughout the day. My Dr's appointment was on May 9th and since then I have lost 6 pounds due to the sickies! (that is 2 weeks time for those that dont feel like doing the math)

And the weird thing.... that I hesitate to even mention..... for fear that people will think I have absolutley lost my mind.... is that..... at times.... about 3 - 4 times a day.... at various times.... nothing regular..... totally random.... I feel a small tap.... not taps, not pokes.... but like someone is gently touching you with the tip of their finger... just light enough for you to feel... and then it is gone.... I tell myself there is no way that I can feel the baby this early... and then it will do that little tap... and there is no way to explain it... other than somehow this little one is managing to make itself known other than making me feel sick or tired! Nick thinks maybe I am a little further along than we know.... I guess we will find out at my Ultrasound that I am having on June 7th.... oh and the Ultrasound? is part of the prenatal screening they do... plus they consider me advanced maternal age *sigh* now that makes me feel old! So my ultrasound is in two weeks when I am 12 weeks pregnant.

So despite losing 6 pounds in the last two weeks... my belly is growing... and I cant explain it... well other than being pregnant DUH! lol but come on... I am only 10 weeks along! ( or so we think.....)


Anonymous said...

Good to hear some news on you and that things are moving right along. How are the names coming along, although we don't know the sex yet, but anxiously waiting.

Mari-jane said...

or could it be.... twins??!