Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Always Something

My Midwifes nurse called a bit ago, my midwife is on vacation but had left a note for the nurse to call and schedule an ultrasound for my next visit, my next visit is on July 5th but they had no openings for ultrasounds on that day so they wanted to reschedule me for July 2nd. I asked her is if this was a routine ultrasound and she said there was a highlighted area and a note saying that Cathy ( the midwife) had consulted with one of the regular Dr's and that there was something on the upper left lateral portion of my uterus... I asked her if it had anything to do with the partial placenta previa and she said no and that she didn't know any more info since Cathy was away.... I asked her if it had to do with the baby or with me and she said with me ( so that made me feel better) but in the mean time I have no idea what it could be.....

I am looking on the bright side and hoping that I will find out the gender at that ultrasound and that everything will be OK.


Anonymous said...

Hope it is all okay, you'll have to keep us informed. Will say prayers.

Love you

Mari-jane said...

Remember.. if they were too worried, they wouldn't wait to doublecheckit.. hang in there! Love ya, MJ