Saturday, June 09, 2007


I have GOT to try these... and as soon as possible :) I am trying to work out a trade and also have a few diapers up for sale so I can get a few of the gDiapers to try. I think they will be super for when we take trips... no need to worry about washing diapers while we are away from home for a few days... no need to pack a bunch of diapers to ensure we have enough with us while we are away from home.

They are basically a cloth diaper with a flushable insert... you can use them that way or you can put a prefold inside to make it a completely cloth diaper. I am anxious to try it both ways. If they work great for Jonathan then I am going to invest in some for the baby.... I am not all too keen on the flushable part ( only because it will be paper next to baby's bum) but maybe they will be really soft inserts and wont feel papery. And the really neat part also is that I can actually get some locally!

Pretty cool to see a Hybrid diaper :)

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