Sunday, July 08, 2007

Camp Time

OK so Blogger wont let me put a title for some reason...Hmmmmm is it acting goofy for anyone else? (UPDATE: I think my issue with the title was firefox because I can add a title in IE but not in FF)

Jenna and JP just left a few minutes ago to go to 4H camp... they wont be back until Thursday! Yikes! I bet Jacob and Jonathan will be lost without them!

Nothing much of anything else going on.... still waiting on my millions to come into PayPal LOL Terry did you start your check fund yet? :)


Anonymous said...

Hey! I didn't start my check fund yet, I got to fiqure out what to put the money in.
Hows the camera fund?

Love ya,

Cricket said...

actually believe it or not I have gotten a few dollars in there lol