Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sitting doesnt cut it

I did a lot of lounging last night, relaxing, taking it easy... you know... and then I got up for about 15 minutes because the kids were outside blowing bubbles and I thought it would be a great opportunity to snap a few pictures.... they just love blowing bubbles! They could do it all day long! I love to see the excitement and hear all the giggles and laughter... who wouldnt!?!?!

and I have a couple pictures to share... because these kiddos are just too cute not to share!

and when I went to bed I was still bleeding.... but after being in bed all night the bleeding is gone... so I am guessing that sitting around doesnt cut it... which makes sense.... as that still puts pressure in the placenta DOH! but the good news is so far the bleeding is gone :)


Anonymous said...

they are so cute, your pics are still good. It's nice to hear the laughter of children.
But again! PLEASE STAY OFF YOUR FEET!!!!!. Keep a close eye on that and don't let it go to long.

Love ya!

suzy's life plain and simple said...

Cricket, this is Suzy, MJ sister n law...I am a l/d nurse and if you need any thing, please email thoughts are with you...