Friday, December 14, 2007

Still Here...

Sorry, had a bout of the sickies go through the house and then went into cleaning mode around here... though you'd never know it now as I really need to go through cleaning mode again!!!

I didn't mean to go so long without posting... and hadn't realized it had been that long until my sister called yesterday to check in on me...

So here is a post.... I am still around :)

Jack is still baking in my belly.... it is nice and warm in there... though he must be quite cramped in there by now!

As for baby progress stats the Midwife doesn't know what Jack is waiting for... I am a loose 3cm dilated and his head is right down there waiting to pop out!

I go back to see her on the 17th... which is also my due date... and if I make it to that appointment I think she is going to start doing some things to help motivate him to come out... like sweeping the membranes... boy that sounds like fun huh?!

I am comfortable actually... not getting much sleep at night but hey I just have that to look forward to once he is here anyway so no biggy on that part.... just getting my practice in!

Not really a whole lot going on in the contraction department... I occasionally get them but nothing major...

So other than heartburn... which I manage with Tums.... I feel great!

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Anonymous said...

Glad your good, I asked your sister about you yesterday and said well, Jack will be here soon, Can he wait till my birthday? Dec. 31st. Quite doubt it!. but it's a thought right? keep us posted