Friday, February 29, 2008

I did it

I tried to get out of it.... going to Weight Watchers that is.... but since Donna wanted to go I went.

My weight was right were I thought it would be.... Donna was not happy that hers was higher than what she thought hers was... we stayed for the meeting and left determined to follow this through.

I ended up having to run to the store last night for Jenna... so I picked up some things to get me started on the right track today until I can go do some real grocery shopping. So far today I am right on track :)

I guess I need to go dust off that exercise machine..... *sigh*

and I cant do a post without a picture so here.... I took this a few days ago when it was snowing out....

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Anonymous said...

this makes me home sick for the farm. it's just like it. Good job on going, I can give you a hint. I was going to do that, and then my doctor told me, the best thing is eat what you want but no eating after 7pm and walk 4 times a week, it works, I can eat anything. But, were supporting you. Great JOB!